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A serial entrepreneur since 1996, Mervin has co-owned numerous businesses like employment, publishing, business consulting and social enterprise. He sits on several advisory boards including a next-generation integrated venture capital firm.

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There have been MY Events aplenty, and there are more to come!

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There are different types of networks. How much we invest in each of them determines the outcomes.

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Welcome to

You Have Come To The Right Place!

If you are looking for:

  • a networking expert to advise or guide you to develop a networking plan, craft brief introductions or presentations, raise your self-confidence in networking.  We offer an initial complimentary consultation to selected individuals.
  • an experienced trainer on networking programmes to discover tools and techniques and sharpen your skills to network effectively.
  • a dynamic speaker on networking and personal marketing.

As a leading expert in business networking, Mervin and his hand-picked associates offer a variety of services related to purposeful and systematic networking as well as strategic referral marketing.

From one-to-one interactions to group sessions, we offer consulting, coaching and training to enhance the networking experience for your career and business success.

2 comments on “Welcome to”

  1. Nurhidayah

    Hi, Im keen to know more how we can collaborate with you to bring in the topic on networking tips to our participants whom are mainly unemployed PMETs and looking for jobs through our networking events and career fairs.
    Hear from you soon.

    Thank you and regards

    • Sandy

      Thank you for getting in touch Nurhidayah. We have sent you an email but it got bounced. Appreciate if you could connect with us via this thread again. Thank you and hearing from you again soon.

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