A BIG Step For Me

My BIG Step

“One small step for me. One giant leap for my confidence.”

Yep! Those shoes belong to my feet.

One definition describes “Fear of heights or Acrophobia” as a “debilitating anxiety disorder that affects nearly 1 in every 20 adults.”

Such feats may not be a big deal for most people, but it’s a big deal for some of us, including me.

I took that step 36 meters above ground level, initially avoiding looking straight down.

After several steps, it got easier to do this. I will not bungee jump though. Several responses to this photo:

“Quite scary for me, Mervin!”
“I will not do it!”
“I am afraid of heights, but I will try bungee jumping out of curiosity”.

Some of us attempt these stunts because we wonder what it feels like. Some did it for the adrenaline rush. They may have wanted to see if they have the courage to do so.

Those peer-pressured by friends – some may be bitter while others may have been glad they took the challenge.

Growing up as a kid, I had a fear of swimming, be it at sea or in the pool.

When I was in Secondary one, I decided to join the school swim team – most of the students were experienced swimmers who joined for competition.

They wanted to represent the school. I joined to learn the sport and was relieved there were others like me. I told my dad about my decision.

That weekend, he took me to the public swimming, and something happened that Saturday afternoon I will never forget. Dad jumped into the pool and invited me to join him, assuring me it was only a meter deep.

Seeing him stand with his shoulder above the water level and aware of the fact that he was a strong swimmer (he swam frequently in the sea waters), I jumped in.

That was it! I started gulping down water. Thankfully, I did not drown. Dad was there!

Long story short, that incident gave me a greater impetus to learn the sport. Guess what? Not only did I learn to swim, I took part in swim competitions, even won a few medals.

I joined the waterpolo team to represent the school. Not the “A” team, but hey! It was a BIG deal for a scrawny teenager who just learnt to swim!

Whether it’s a sport, mountain climbing or business, it first takes an intention. We have to want to do it.

How well we do it depends on the determination within us, the training and time we put into it, as well as the moral support which help keep us going.

Not every mountaineer can climb Everest. Not every entrepreneur will be a millionaire. Each one of us has his or her personal mountain to climb. Let’s not judge!

What’s your fear? What do you wish to overcome? What are you doing about it?

Here’s wishing you a victorious 2017!

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