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The world is abounding with ideas. But what are great ideas, if one is unable to share, to persuade and win support for them?

Speak! Ventures is a professional development organisation dedicated to help you Speak Up, Stand Out and achieve more in life.

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CATALYST Empowerment

As a Strategic Alliance, Catalyst Empowerment encompasses all your training needs as a one-stop HR solution provider.

With a collection of programmes inspired by many years of industry experience, Catalyst Empowerment has successfully achieved the coveted balance between relevance and rigour.  Geared not only towards helping you keep up with changing times and tides, but to also assimilate yourself with the continuous evolution of the ever-changing business climates that occur.

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Founded by Mervin Yeo in 2012, MARK is a marketplace alliance of men at work – as business owners, professionals or employees. It will be a close association formed to advance common interests. Through the trust developed over time, referrals and recommendations will be generated and knowledge gained through sharing, education and training.

M.arketplace A.lliance for R.eferrals & K.nowledge – currently a private network, will soon be open to the public.  If interested, SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION; include your NAME, OCCUPATION, EMAIL, MOBILE, and FACEBOOK.

Danny Ng

danny ng

   10 Reasons Why Companies like to work with Danny Ng:

  1. Started business coaching in May 2000 as a licensed consultant with Action International, a business coaching and consulting company (the world’s number 1 business coaching team). Since then Danny has been very successful as an International Business Coach. He chose to be a Business Coach and Management Consultant because of his passion to help and motivate business owners in achieving their personal as well as business goals.
  2. Over the last twelve (12) years with Action International (2000 to 2006) and Business Trainers, Danny had helped more than 90 SME Businesses achieved great results in their improved performance in business excellence, restructuring, strategic planning, marketing, sales, profitability, people developer and management systems.
  3. Danny had personally coached many Business Owners. CEO’s and Managers of Family businesses (Indonesian companies) in year 2004 to April 2006 ranging from top seminar speaker, tax consulting, retailers, restaurant owners, international schools, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, logistics companies and service providers.
  4. Conducted many public seminars, workshops and networking groups in the areas of leadership coaching, build winning teams, communication skills, Personality profiling, Customer loyalty etc. He was a regular contributor of business tips in Smart FM Radio’s weekly business talk shows in 2004 and 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  5. Appointed as Coaches’ Coach in Singapore in 2003 and West Java, Indonesia in 2004 to 2006 ; Received Best Team Player of the year award in Asia in 2003; Featured in the Straits Times, Singapore as a successful business coach in August 2003.
  6. Certified Business Excellence Consultant & Assessor by SPRING Singapore Government in 2009 / 2010.
  7. Advance Certified Training and Assessment (ACTA) by IAL, division of WDA, Singapore in 2009 / 2010.
  8. Certified International Business Coach by ACTION International in Australia in April 2000.
  9. Prior to May 2000 Danny had held several senior management positions of SME for more than 20 years; He traveled widely and extensively on government projects as well as private business developments. He has many years of experience in project management, distribution, procurement, international transportation, logistics, freight forwarding, ship management and trading.
  10. Danny’s mission is to help business owners make more money in their businesses and yet enjoy a better quality of life. He believes that ‘…being in business should give you more Life; not life sentence.’