Buzzing Business Ambassadors

Referral Marketing

It is wise to be selective about who you invite to become “members” of your personal referral marketing (RM) team. You want to select people who have had a happy experience using your product, people who are passionate believers in you, your business and your product. They are your business associates who spread the word about you and what you do best.

WHO are they and HOW do you find such people?

  1. Satisfied Customers and Clients

These provide testimonials to promote your business. They had first-hand experience with your products and services. They are influential people whose recommendations and testimonials carry weight with your preferred clients. They know you well; they like you and trust you. They have contact with your preferred clients on a regular basis. They are your channels to your target market.

  1. People who complement your services

These may have clients who require your services. For example, if you are a real estate agent, your potential RM team members could be mortgage brokers and movers. If you are a writer, your team could include publishing agents, printers, graphic designers, web designers and internet marketers.

Buzz Ambassadors

Your RM team members are the ambassadors for your business. They are your ardent fans and followers. They are the ones who can create buzz in the community. Build a strong relationship with each and every one of them based on mutual benefits, trust and integrity. Like the bees which are so important to nature and humans, your ambassadors are essential for your business success!

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