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Launched in Oct 2014. “i CAN CONNECT – AN iNTROVERT’S HANDBOOK TO STRESS-FREE NETWORKING” is available at Kinokuniya and MPH book stores.





What people think about “i CAN CONNECT”…

“A well written, systematic, step by step guide for anyone who is new to networking.”

Investment Consultant


“Mervin has written a long overdue book. He provides a handheld tour of the topics and illustrates networking as a normal business activity. He succinctly conveys how, even introverts can network and tap this high yield activity. Although the methodology targets introverts, the book is also for extroverts. It helps them understand the reticence of introverts. This accords extroverts first-mover advantage to tap this pool of potential business and professional partners. The book is both a valuable resource as a standalone and an excellent supplement to Mervin’s Networking for Introverts series of seminars.”

Eric Alagan
Best-selling Author and Consultant
LCA Consultants Pte Ltd
Former MD of a German aerospace MNC


“Great work! I would buy the book after reading the start! It leaves me with high expectations for the rest of the book. I want the answer to how to create those relationships. In fact, as an introvert this is exactly the fact which hinders my professional and personal success. I like the idea of your network being your sales force – I had not thought about it from that angle, but of course it is! Those everyday encounters are easy, leaving one with a hope that business networking would be equally easy after the reading your book (& with some practice for sure).”

Karoliina Valcamo
Head of Learning and Development
Teleconsult Pte Ltd


“Mervin is the undisputed champion for the introverts. He addresses an area that is untouched or often misunderstood with the general public thinking that if a person is introverted, that means that particular individual does not value or want to build new relationships which is far from the truth. Mervin provides practical and easy to implement advice and tools that will help people overcome their fears in networking and cross the huddles stopping them from achieving success through networking. A valued read for introverts and I would dare say even for extroverts.”

Jamie Lee
Lunch Actually


“Truly excited about your upcoming book, “i Can Connect – An Introvert’s Handbook To Stress-Free Networking”. This is really a gem for business people and salespeople alike, who wants to grow their business with endless referrals! I belief this book will change the introverts (and even extroverts) to see the true value of networking, and learn the ropes from Mervin Yeo. Well done, Mervin!”

Bill Quek
Managing Director
Instant Replay Productions Pte Ltd


“Networking, one of the most essential soft skills when it comes to communication, yet at the same time, also one of the hardest to master. Mervin Yeo’s “i Can Connect – An Introvert’s Handbook To Stress-Free Networking” is the “New Age dictionary” for Networking, a MUST READ!”

Samuel Goh
Senior Business Executive
Profitsoft Turnaround Systems LLP


“Networking, everybody does it, but only a few do it in a professional way. Mervin gave me a totally new angle and a new attitude. He shares his generous spirit and he has the heart of a networker since he understands that this is business and social contact. He is a pleasure to know and a pleasure to do business with!”

Ongki Susatyo
Managing Director of Integra Consulting (Business and Management Consulting)
Jakarta, Indonesia