Legacy Is Personal, Yet Isn’t

“It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about our legacy. It’s what we leave for future generations” ~ Tony Stark, Iron Man 2

While I am not a huge fan of Tony Stark (Iron Man, yes!), I do like that statement he made during his exhibition speech in the movie.

“Legacy” – such a big word. What does it mean?

I recall a good friend and peer mentor who used to work in the same organisation as me some years back said this: “Despite all the challenges and bureaucracy in this organisation, I will press on for my children. Mervin, don’t give up. Do this to leave a legacy for your children.”

It seemed right at the time but not anymore. My friend and I have grown apart since that statement, not because I left the organisation but because I think our values and purpose were not so similar after all. To be fair, he was aligned with the organisation’s culture and directions, I was not. Then again, why would I leave a legacy for my children based on someone else’s dream?  I shall leave that thought for another blog write-up.


In our siblings chat group, my elder sister was updating us about mum’s activities over the weekend, spending time with her loved ones at their homes, restaurants and malls.

Sis: She is saving her hard earned money to give to her children and grandchildren as her legacy.

Me: Her legacy is already in place. She does not have to strive anymore. She just needs to count her blessings and live life to the full with gratitude and inner joy and peace.

What is this thing about legacy? I don’t have a definition. You can google if you wish. I believe it’s personal – to each his own – and yet it can have far reaching effect over time.

Legacy is not personal

Leaving a legacy is more than an inheritance of material things; it’s about heritage and memories we leave for the children and for the community when we move on.

I am a simple man. I am doing what I am doing not for fame or glory, but for the future generation. It’s no longer personal for me.

What’s your story? What’s your legacy going to be?

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