MY Profile

A serial entrepreneur since 1996, Mervin has co-owned numerous businesses like employment, publishing, business consulting and social enterprise.  He sits on several advisory boards including a next-generation integrated venture  capital firm.

mervin-yeo_1-copyUnder his 13-year leadership as the Singapore National Director of the world’s largest networking organisation specialising in referrals, members passed referrals which generated an annual average of USD20 million worth of business for each other.

For almost two decades, through his speaking, mentoring and training programmes, Mervin has shown over ten thousand business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines a systematic and effective approach to purposeful networking and strategic referral marketing.  A networking coach to entrepreneurs and graduates entering the marketplace, he lives and breathes as well as speaks and teaches the language of referrals.

A contributing author in the New York Times best-seller Masters of Networking, he is consulted by leaders of networking organisations.  He co-authored “Turning Ideas Into Profit”, “Crowd Sauce” and “Because I’m Introvert, I Triumph”, and is author of “Purposeful Networking For Introverts” as well as “I Can Connect – An Introvert’s Handbook To Stress-Free Networking”.  He is a regular contributor to Straits Times Recruit.

A Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, Mervin is a sought after speaker and trainer on Purposeful Networking and Strategic Referral Marketing for career and business success as well as Confident Networking for the introverted.  Hailed a “Networking Guru” by a Straits Times reporter in 2003, he has been on NewsRadio 93.8 including The Living Room and Positive Business Minutes and was featured in Zaobao and SME Magazine.

Mervin has started numerous networking groups either by himself or in collaboration with other leaders of influence, but many will agree that the most significant and much talked about community is the Introverts Network Singapore which he founded in May 2013. He has started similar networking communities for introverts in Jakarta and the Philippines.