“Hi Mervin, I like to express thanks for your time yesterday after the session for few pointers in direction towards handling of certain situations. You are a great speaker with enthusiasm of what you do.

My view of you:
“A genuine leader in motivating, packed with a punch of truths. Much learnt from his sharing and experiences. The Connection Specialist.” ~ LouisHans Choo


“Good job with those articles on your website… Keep them coming! Am now preparing for exam late February in line with my current job. Will attend one of your events thereafter. I look forward to a successful year with dedicated hard work.”  ~ Derrick


Mervin, thank you for the important lessons you shared.  They are very meaningful and will last me a lifetime.

~ Christian Bustamante, PAIA Consulting


You are truly a master of networking. I have a lot to learn from you.

~ Cherine Cheong, Shenton Energy Asia


As a beneficiary of Mervin’s work in the business networking circle, we see promising companies benefitting more from networking as they strike alliances and get their product and services into trusted business owners who become their referrals.

~ Alvin Toh, Consultant


Mervin is a Master in networking. I have learn a great deal in networking and passing of referrals since the first day I met Mervin. He has been a good introducer for me and always looking out to link people together in his network.

~ KC Tan, Internet Business Trainer, WebSprout Academy


“The speaker is lively and engaging. Through his enthusiastic and personalized, interactive mode of presentation, it widens the participants’ scope to assert them to refresh  their  visions in the importance of smart social networking in a highly competitive business environment whereby one’s visibility and credibility would enrich them through  the ‘harvesting of seeds’ in these bad times.  I feel recharged and motivated after attending the course.”

~ Jerome Ho, Entrepreneur


It is true we always save the best for last. I found Mervin’s presentation to be the best among the other good speakers.

~ Amy Heng, Haven For Nails


We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and tips.

~ Reto Callegari, President 2003-2004, Rotary Club of Bugis Junction


An interesting and useful program, thanks to an excellent and inspiring facilitator … Mervin Yeo.

~ Sapto B. Satrioyudo, PT Outsourcing Indonesia


I benefited a great deal from Mr Yeo’s talk – a truly insightful experience into the world of networking.

~ Jessica, NUS Student


Mervin is a good presenter; I now have a much better understanding of referrals.

~ Dickie Lim, MSP Global Pte Ltd


“Learnt strategies thinking from Mervin Yeo.  Able to put network into use fast.”


“Learnt from Mervin Yeo – Networking is creating relationships where we can help others achieve their goals and in turn achieve ours.”


“I’ve learnt to break through my reservations for networking from Mr Mervin Yeo.”

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